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Noisy fan

My (almost 7 year old) MacBook Pro recently starting making a very loud noise. It sounded like it was turning on its turbo booster for interstellar space travel. Based on prior experience I could tell it was one of the fans. I used SMC fan control to confirm my suspicion. The right fan was only reaching about 1,000 rpm. I have had this replaced in the past and knew it would cost about $100 to fix. Since I don’t have money to burn, I decided to pop it open and use a little (or a lot) of WD40 to remedy the situation.

So how did it turn out? My (short term) fix has worked and so far there have been no issues.

Safari on Windows

Apple has developed Safari for Windows. The browser is actually very quick and works well. I did have some minor issues on one website. So far it works great, especially for a beta release.

Dual core

IBM finally came out with a dual core processor. A month after Apple kicked them to the curb. Two little, two late. Apple will probably have a few machines with this processor in it but in the end, it will probably end up in some gaming box. Too bad… Will IBM suffer from not having Apple’s sexy marketing? Only time will tell.