Creating SharePoint webparts

Are you looking to create your first SharePoint webpart? Try the following video by Carl B. Johnson…


Family Name in corks

I finally got it done!


Why my next phone may not be an iPhone

I forgot to plug my cellphone in last night. I went to the dealer to get the car serviced and


Captain America Valentine’s Day Card

These came out awesome! Punch some holes and add a lollipop!


Enjoy the little things.


New Tiles

I’m installing new tiles in the entryway. We are going with a 6″x6″ porcelain tile from Home Depot. The style


Hulk Valentine’s Day Box

My son has an assignment to make a Valentine’s Day Box. He’s a big superhero fan. So we decided to


3D Printer @ MS Store

The Microsoft store in the Prudential Center (Copley Square, Boston) was showcasing a 3D printer. Here are some items which


Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

I visited the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary this past weekend for the first time. This state park has excellent trails. It

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