Family Name in corks

I finally got it done!


Why my next phone may not be an iPhone

I forgot to plug my cellphone in last night. I went to the dealer to get the car serviced and


Captain America Valentine’s Day Card

These came out awesome! Punch some holes and add a lollipop!


Enjoy the little things.


New Tiles

I’m installing new tiles in the entryway. We are going with a 6″x6″ porcelain tile from Home Depot. The style


Hulk Valentine’s Day Box

My son has an assignment to make a Valentine’s Day Box. He’s a big superhero fan. So we decided to


3D Printer @ MS Store

The Microsoft store in the Prudential Center (Copley Square, Boston) was showcasing a 3D printer. Here are some items which


Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

I visited the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary this past weekend for the first time. This state park has excellent trails. It


The Equalizer is in town

Filming for Denzel Washington’s new movie moved to Magnolia Rd in Swampscott Yesterday. The movie will be based on “The

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