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Why my next phone may not be an iPhone

I forgot to plug my cellphone in last night. I went to the dealer to get the car serviced and charged my iPhone in the car on the way there. When I got there it was at 27%. The service rep at the desk told me it would be about 2 hours before I got my car back and I had forgotten to grab my charger before I left.

Then I saw this.

I was thrilled. It even had an 8 pin plug.
Then this happened.

Screw you Apple! I bet Android users don’t have this issue.

New Tiles


I’m installing new tiles in the entryway. We are going with a 6″x6″ porcelain tile from Home Depot. The style we are using is called Bengal Slate by Marazzi. We are going to use a color called Delorean Gray for the grout. I will post more pictures when done.

3D Printer @ MS Store


The Microsoft store in the Prudential Center (Copley Square, Boston) was showcasing a 3D printer. Here are some items which were printed out on the MakerBot Replicator 2. The items were surprisingly well constructed.


Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

I visited the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary this past weekend for the first time. This state park has excellent trails. It is very well maintained and the staff was very friendly. Admission is very inexpensive and worth every penny.


The Equalizer is in town


Filming for Denzel Washington’s new movie moved to Magnolia Rd in Swampscott Yesterday. The movie will be based on “The Equalizer” television series. It is slated for release in 2014.