Noisy fan

My (almost 7 year old) MacBook Pro recently starting making a very loud noise. It sounded like it was turning on its turbo booster for interstellar space travel. Based on prior experience I could tell it was one of the fans. I used SMC fan control to confirm my suspicion. The right fan was only […]

Where has the time gone

I remember when Photoshop didn’t come with layers, when javascript rollovers weren’t supported and when CSS wasn’t even on the radar. Where has the time gone. I can`t imagine what it would be like doing something else for living. Thanks Interweb!

New Blackberry

I just got my new Blackberry 8700g from T-mobile. The edge network is way fast and the screen very nice. I’m definitely impressed. It’s way better than my last BB. I set up the email Google App to receive my emails and it works great!