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Hulk Valentine’s Day Box

My son has an assignment to make a Valentine’s Day Box. He’s a big superhero fan. So we decided to make a superhero box for the big day. We took a cereal box and used a brush to cover it in white glue. Then we affixed green construction paper to it and trimmed the edges. While it dried, my son cut out shapes that I had drawn on white and black construction paper. The shapes were drawn in pencil and used for the hair, eyes, eyebrows and teeth. I cut a rectangular hole in the box for a mouth with a box cutter and glued the teeth pieces on. We then used a sharpie to draw the nose on. This Incredible Hulk box looks awesome. I hope it’s a hit at school!


We also made one for the little brother!


Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary

I visited the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary this past weekend for the first time. This state park has excellent trails. It is very well maintained and the staff was very friendly. Admission is very inexpensive and worth every penny.


The Equalizer is in town


Filming for Denzel Washington’s new movie moved to Magnolia Rd in Swampscott Yesterday. The movie will be based on “The Equalizer” television series. It is slated for release in 2014.

CD Baby!

I just got my copy of Red Letter Days by The Wednesdays. The package from CDbaby just came in today. Looking forward to listening it while I recover from shoveling snow.